Corporate Services

From incorporation to administration and accounting, you can benefit from our world-wide network of offices and partners, personalised approach and our reputation for getting things done in a quick and cost efficient way. We support you in setting up and maintaining your companies, wherever you are in the world.
Our clients include multinationals, trading companies, but also innovative start-ups and tech companies. While you do business, a dedicated team of legal, financial and tax experts will keep your company in good legal standing, relieving you off much of the red tape of international business. Accendium provides a wide range of corporate services around the globe to all kinds of legal entities. We offer our clients a team of highly trained professionals who are motivated to help clients overcome the challenges they face by providing tailor-made services. Our professionals have made their mark in law firms, (tax) advisory firms, but also in the world of day to day business, making them well-suited to offer quick and tailor-made services to any client. Our professionals are well-trained and are fully up to date with the latest legal, tax and compliance matters as well as the latest accounting standards. At Accendium, we operate in a businesslike environment; we always act in the best interest of our clients. Our competitive edge lies in our honest no-nonsense approach and international outlook. Being a medium-sized company, Accendium speaks to clients in their language and happily takes time to listen or  clearly explain matters at hand. Our personal approach in the day to day business of our client is guaranteed by providing them with a single contact person for all of their global activities. Our clients’ best interest is what we call our business.


Company Formation and International Structuring

Notaries, Lawyers, tax advisors, accountants, registrars, … setting up a new company or subsidiary demands a wide range of specialist expertise – even more so when you’re moving into a new market. Accendium will deliver the very best guidance at every stage together with your other local advisors.

While Accendium handles the formalities to ensure adequate company set up, you can focus on what you do best: building business. We are pleased to provide a dedicated team to handle all administrative issues, ensuring  a setup in a reliable, professional and cost-efficient manner. This means your company will be properly set up from a legal and accounting perspective, which is key to efficient corporate governance.

Through our international network, we can help you set up the most efficient and beneficial solution that is tailored to realising your specific goals, while remaining compliant  with tax laws, filing requirements, and local government regulations in the country of establishment. We assist in bank account openings upon request.

Accounting and Reporting

The main challenge for any company today is maintaining an accurate, timely and effective system of financial reporting and control. Businesses with international financial operations are confronted with ever-increasing complexity, as evolving international regulations and accounting standards continue to interact with the specific business needs of such companies.

Accendium assists companies  in all areas of accounting and financial reporting. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals can help you to meet all requirements in these fields. In order to reduce costs and bolster your company’s operational efficiency, our financial and accounting experts concentrate on your business requirements.

Our services can range from payroll and cash management services and basic accounting, to complex financial reporting. No matter what we do, our mission is to get your company ahead!

Legal Administration

Keeping your company in good legal standing is increasingly difficult as governments impose more and more regulations upon various industries. What’s more, these regulations are often different in each country, or even in different areas of the same country. Therefore, it is increasingly hazardous to conduct international business without thorough knowledge of local legal requirements. Fortunately, there is a solution. Accendium has extensive experience providing all kind of legal administrative services, such as: corporate housekeeping, contract management and improving legal reporting. Our corporate legal department can act as your (in-house) legal counsel by drafting, executing and certifying various corporate documents and agreements; convening and taking the minutes of shareholders’ and board meetings; keeping corporate records and registers; corresponding with local authorities as well as drafting various shareholders’- and board resolutions.


Employee Services

Good staff are hard to find. Recruiting and employing individuals is one of the main challenges facing companies doing business across borders today. Having employees also involves a legal side: employment law, tax law and social security law are all parts of the challenge faced by international companies. One of the challenges you might face while setting up a business abroad, is the employment of individuals. Besides the recruitment of employees, employers need to makes sure they are being compliant with employment, tax and security law and arrange and execute employee benefits programs.

How can we help?

Accendium, as part of Corporate Services, will help you to  mitigate the risks associated with employment of individuals. Our legal and tax professionals will help you navigate through the rules and regulations regarding employment, so your company has the right people at the right place at the right time. We are able to help you limit employment risks and can help you navigate through the complex rules and procedures, so you comply with local (employment and tax) law and thus turn this complexity into a competitive advantage.

Accendium generally plays a coordinating role, ensuring that all issues regarding the employee are addressed in effectively and efficiently. Accendium’s Employee Services include:

Recruitment Services

Finding and hiring the right people is crucial to any business. Moreover, recruits must be available at the right time and at the right place.  Accendium can help you to find and hire the right person in a number of selected fields of expertise.

Employment Legal Services

Since Accendium is an expert in keeping companies in good legal standing, we are the right persons to make sure your company is in full compliance with local employment requirements. We can help you draft  and execute employment agreements, for example.

After onboarding of the individual, continuous compliance with local employment laws and regulations. Accendium can help you to apply legal policies regarding, amongst others, sick leave, employee disability, public holidays, employee privacy and redundancy.

Payroll Services

Filing tax reports can be a complicated puzzle. It requires an eye for detail and a thorough knowledge of the local tax system. Accendium can help you spend time on your business instead of paperwork with its high quality payroll services.

Accendium’s first class payroll services are more than just filing the payroll tax returns. We support our clients up until the final assessment by the local tax administration. Our payroll services are carefully tuned to the needs of your company. Accendium values timely and effective solutions, characterised by a high degree of accuracy and a personal touch.

Employee Benefits Services

Benefits are an important part of modern day employment. They can be enforced by national legislation or collective bargaining, but may also be a contractual obligation between employer and employee. Certain forms of benefits demand specific legal processes being in place. Benefits that require specific action being taken may include the (obligatory) company pension plan, registering your staff with local health insurance  or reporting requirements in case of sick leave.

Accendium is able to offer you a wide range of custom- made employee benefits packages. If requested, Accendium can be the nexus between employee, employer, relevant government agencies and other third parties, such as trade unions.

Shengen Visa

Visiting Europe from abroad can be a tricky process. More often than not, visitors from other parts of the world need a visa to visit Europe. A visa is a document granting the official permission to enter into a country, granted by the country the traveler wishes to enter into. Thankfully, 26 European countries have decided to simplify matters: for all of these 26 European states, you need only 1 visa, called a Schengen Visa. Obtaining such a visa entitles the holder to travel freely through the territory of other Schengen states. The Netherlands is a Schengen state.

There are different kinds of (Schengen) visa, the below overview is a brief overview of the Dutch system :

  • A visa for a stay up to three months (visa for short stay), also referred to as tourist/business visa;
  • A visa for a stay longer than three months, also referred to as authorisation for temporary stay ( in Dutch: machtiging tot voorlopig verblijf or MVV)
  • An airport transit visa (for transfers in a EU airport, without entering a Schengen state)
  • A transit visa (valid for 5 days)

Residence permit

A residence permit is a permit that allows the bearer to settle in a foreign country. There are two categories of residence permits: regular and asylum. Both can be either indefinite or temporary.

Regular residence permit

You may apply for a regular residence permit when you come to the Netherlands in order to live with your (marital) partner, work, study, do an internship, work as an au-pair, live with your parents or undergo medical treatment.  In order to apply for a regular residence permit, it is usually necessary to obtain an authorisation for temporary stay in advance. Our visa team can offer advice on your particular situation.

Accendium has an in-house immigration law department run.

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