Private Wealth Services

Today’s individuals have increasingly international lifestyles with businesses, homes and assets located all over the world. Liability to tax can arise in a number of different countries on the basis of place of residence, location of assets, nationality or domicile.

Accendium Private Client Services teams around the globe are focused on handling the unique needs of high net worth clients and their families, providing comprehensive asset and wealth management, fiduciary and trust services. The depth and breadth of our experience, our presence in strategic international jurisdictions and our dedication allow us to serve our clients efficiently and effectively.

Our specialist fiduciary and administration services aim to protect and enhance your wealth. Now and for future generations.

We give you the essential services required to support your entrepreneurial, personal, family, commercial and charitable interests.

We’re not working for you, but with you. With a professional, friendly, responsive team that’s committed to the long term.

Lasting peace of mind comes from knowing that you’ve put your private wealth structure in expert, friendly, professional hands.

Estate Planning

Solid estate planning eliminates uncertainties and creates peace of mind. Our primary goal is to make sure that your assets are protected and shared with those of your choosing. We make sure your wealth is safeguarded and transferred to the next generation in a tax efficient manner.

Accendium can provide for various estate planning solutions in order to preserve our clients wealth for future generations by minimising business continuity costs and taking advantage of favourable tax- or legislative regimes. We can assist – amongst others – in the formation of entities and subsequently provide for administration services to these structures.

Wealth Structuring

To private clients we offer, such as international entrepreneurial families and high net worth individuals, we provide fund formation. In addition, we provide services to assist our private clients in the management of their assets and in their estate planning.

We also assist in the administration of personal pensions, wills and testamentary estates, and offer family office services. In addition, we assist our private clients with their accounting, financial reporting and consolidation obligations.

Asset Protection & Administration

To develop and prosper for future generations; assets and estates need protection from political turbulence, changing legislation or irresponsible heirs. We can assist setting up structures limiting personal liability by taking advantage of neutral/favourable legislative regimes in various jurisdiction and subsequently providing administration services to these structures.

Our international network is able to provide considerable asset administration expertise; which combines both the worldview and a local hands-on, can-do mentality. Taking on the responsibility of administering an estate or set up a trust or a foundation should never be taken lightly. You must be able to take assets into custody and manage them effectively while preparing the necessary financial reporting. This process can be lengthy, complicated and include substantial responsibility for the fiduciary. Accendium is pleased to offer you professional assistance in managing this critical process. The service features are designed to save time and money while lessening your daily responsibilities and fiduciary liabilities.

Shengen Visa

Visiting Europe from abroad can be a tricky process. More often than not, visitors from other parts of the world need a visa to visit Europe. A visa is a document granting the official permission to enter into a country, granted by the country the traveler wishes to enter into. Thankfully, 26 European countries have decided to simplify matters: for all of these 26 European states, you need only 1 visa, called a Schengen Visa. Obtaining such a visa entitles the holder to travel freely through the territory of other Schengen states. The Netherlands is a Schengen state.

There are different kinds of (Schengen) visa, the below overview is a brief overview of the Dutch system :

  • A visa for a stay up to three months (visa for short stay), also referred to as tourist/business visa;
  • A visa for a stay longer than three months, also referred to as authorisation for temporary stay ( in Dutch: machtiging tot voorlopig verblijf or MVV)
  • An airport transit visa (for transfers in a EU airport, without entering a Schengen state)
  • A transit visa (valid for 5 days)

Residence permit

A residence permit is a permit that allows the bearer to settle in a foreign country. There are two categories of residence permits: regular and asylum. Both can be either indefinite or temporary.

Regular residence permit

You may apply for a regular residence permit when you come to the Netherlands in order to live with your (marital) partner, work, study, do an internship, work as an au-pair, live with your parents or undergo medical treatment.  In order to apply for a regular residence permit, it is usually necessary to obtain an authorisation for temporary stay in advance. Our visa team can offer advice on your particular situation.

Accendium has an in-house immigration law department run.

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