Fund and Capital Market Services

New regulation, an ever more international client base and the growing complexity of investment instruments present an ever greater challenge to fund managers today.Accendium offers a full range of administration services for private equity, real estate and hedge fund clients. Our defining features are integrity, flexibility and transparency.  Our services are always tailored to the needs of our clients, since no two clients are the same. We believe in a personal approach: Accendium is a trusted partner you can rely upon throughout the life cycle of a fund. We offer the tools any fund administrator needs. The team at Accendium are all experts on their field and are eager to help you achieve your business goals.Accendium is well known for its strong working partnerships with financial firms in many different jurisdictions. Partnerships include attorneys, tax advisors and auditors. Accendium can help you build your network in the countries where we operate. We assign a personal account manager responsible for guarding quality of service delivery.Accendium provides cutting-edge administration, management and trustee services to capital markets across the world.

We provide leading edge management, trustee and administration services to capital markets transactions across the world. Our international team of structured finance specialists meets and exceeds client expectations in tackling ever-shifting regulatory requirements and improving transparency.

Thanks to the experience gained in guiding sizeable transactions, with an ever-growing list of substantial asset backed securities under management, we can provide you the best possible service. Wherever in the world you are active.

Sector Expertise:

  • Hedge Funds;
  • Private Equity Funds;
  • Real Estate Funds.

Investor Reporting

Accendium has the experienced professionals, the systems and the knowhow to run your European treasury centre in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

Cashbond administration and investor reporting are key control functions for all securitisation issues. Therefore Accendium uses only tested IT systems. Our highly valued investor reports, waterfall calculations and cash management procedures as well as our automated Asset Cover Testing in Covered Bond programmes are subject to external audit under ISAE Type II certified procedures.

Our experienced and dedicated teams can provide you with investor reporting, consisting of reporting services to investors in the SPVs with regards to, amongst others, portfolio stratifications, cash flow generation, prepayments, waterfalls and arrears.

Accounting and Reporting

The main challenge for any company today is maintaining an accurate, timely and effective system of financial reporting and control. Businesses with international financial operations are confronted with ever-increasing complexity, as evolving international regulations and accounting standards continue to interact with the specific business needs of such companies. Accendium assists companies  in all areas of accounting and financial reporting. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals can help you to meet all requirements in these fields. In order to reduce costs and bolster your company’s operational efficiency, our financial and accounting experts concentrate on your business requirements.Our services can range from payroll and cash management services and basic accounting, to complex financial reporting. No matter what we do, our mission is to get your company ahead!

Legal Administration

Keeping your company in good legal standing is increasingly difficult as governments impose more and more regulations upon various industries. What’s more, these regulations are often different in each country, or even in different areas of the same country. Therefore, it is increasingly hazardous to conduct international business without thorough knowledge of local legal requirements. Fortunately, there is a solution. Accendium has extensive experience providing all kind of legal administrative services, such as: corporate housekeeping, contract management and projects other legal reports. Our corporate legal department can act as your (in-house) legal counsel by drafting, executing and certifying various corporate documents and agreements; convening and taking the minutes of shareholders’ and board meetings; keeping corporate records and registers; corresponding with local authorities as well as drafting various shareholders’- and board resolutions.



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Compliance Services

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